About Me

I am a passionate storyteller who captures unforgettable moments for people with my work.

Daddy to 2 gorgeous little girls, Stella + Luna. I am engaged to Lida Hertel and we live in Kinsealy Co.Dublin. I have the “gift of the gab” and love hearing people’s stories.

I believe that people do actually have stories to tell still, you just have to listen!

That’s why i want to tell Your Story. I have always been fascinated in other people’s stories and actions.

And i know how valued your memories are to you and your family.

Ronan Quinn

Wedding Videography Style

Rather than following the latest trends and never having a unique style Ronan has built up a reputation for his Modern Wedding Videos. He captures the true essence of each wedding, so if it is a vintage theme. Ronan reflects that with his stunning visual wedding videography style and most of all through his acclaimed editing style which always seems to be able to capture and reflect the couples own personalities With numerous testimonials about his discrete wedding videography style Ronan has also won the respect of his fellow wedding videographers in Dublin and wedding photographers as an invaluable asset on a wedding day. All of Ronan Quinn’s DVDs will stand the test of time as he captures the day as it unfolds, thus reflecting the unique style and character of each couple on their big day.

Your Wedding Videographer

Having a wedding video to capture the memories of the biggest day of your life is a priceless possession. Your wedding day is momentous occasion but it also passes very quickly and this makes it all the more important. Your Wedding Videographer will capture all the main events of the day as well as the important parts you may miss in between. Ronan Quinn Wedding Videography offers a bespoke and professional service which will leave you with record of everlasting memories. Ronan will ensure that all the humour and heartfelt emotion of the day will be yours to look back on forever with your wedding video memories. The emotion of your first dance as husband and wife, the music, the people who mean so much to you, will all come alive again on your wedding video story. A Ronan Quinn Wedding DVD will allow you and your family and friends to relive memories for generations to come.

Why choose Ronan As your Wedding Videographer?

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  • You want a wedding videographer that is discrete and unobtrusive.
  • Ronan has lots of referrals from previous couples.
  • These wedding films just “feel” different to others.
  • Quinn Video is known for its distinct editing style that capture hearts and minds.
  • Wedding videography is Ronan's Full Time job, he understands your fears.
  • Amazing advice and help before your wedding day.
  • You want a person who fits in on the day, and helps the day flow as it should.
  • We are recommended by some of Ireland’s top photographers.