Wedding Videos in the Old Days……

In the old days, a wedding video was just an 8mm long-running clip of the entire wedding which showed the entire service from start to finish. We saw the bride walking down the aisle (usually from the back) and maybe a shot of the bouquet being thrown.

Videography Styles Today:

But today, you have more choices than ever in how you want your wedding video done. It truly is all up to you.  Here are some of the ways you could have your video filmed today which will be a treasure you will always cherish. While there is no cookie-cutter formula for the perfect wedding video to capture your day, these ideas may get you started to think about how you wish to portray your special day. Talk to a  videographer employing modern videography styles to learn more about how you can preserve your special day. Don’t just live it-preserve it!

Quinn Video-Audrey and Bren (6)


With themed weddings, you can choose the overall theme of your wedding which can reflect the personality of the bride and groom, a location or setting you both love, or some special moment you shared, reflected in your wedding video. This approach is dramatic and unique because it captures a season, event, or theme which is a big part of your life.


This type of wedding video can be a mix of the best moments of a wedding, or it can focus on the most important aspects, which the bride and groom decide beforehand. Key elements of the wedding are usually included in this type of wedding video, such as the walk down the aisle, the kiss, the exit to the getaway car, as well as video footage of the brides’  maids and groomsmen and the cake, toast, and other events.

Usually, dramatic music is inserted in this type of video, which includes music chosen by the couple which best explains their love and devotion to each other, and may include a special song or group of songs within the video as well. The key to this type of video is to make it touching and emotional and something to always remember.


Like the dramatic montage, a precious moments video can be composed of either all video, video and pictures or all photos. It is a collection of the best moments of the event, coupled with touching music and special accents, or techniques which draw attention to detail and up close emotions. Facial expressions are captured in this type of wedding video and the idea is to capture the best of the event in a blend of touching moments and music accents.



You can also choose a specific location you want your video filmed and decide how you want it to look based on a location that becomes a central theme. Examples of this done by wedding videographers would be:

  • A castle wedding
  • Wedding by the Sea
  • Forest wedding
  • In-home wedding
  • Church wedding
  • Hotel wedding video


The choices today in a modern wedding video are endless. You can choose a themed wedding, creative highlights reel, precious moments mix down, or a scenic wedding video that is based on a central location or theme. Go as wild or as simple as you choose. It’s really all up to you. This is your day and you should choose the idea or theme that really stands out to you as something that you will cherish for years to come.


Ronan Quinn has been filming expertly done professional wedding videos for over 8 years now. He knows that each and every wedding is different because each and every couple is different.  Ronan also uses Bespoke Edit techniques to bring in the audio to enhance every special, priceless moment, which results in every video being unique from others, just like your day.  He uses the original audio from the wedding day plus additional audio to ensure the most dramatic result. Bring your style and personality to life with one of Ronan’s artistic, custom-made wedding videos. If you are looking for wedding videographers Dublin, see Ronan Quinn. He wants your day to be special and he can reflect that in his unique style and understanding of your special day. Ask Ronan about his special “wedding pop-up books,” and a variety of other custom-made wedding videos. Contact Ronan by visiting the website and book your consultation today.

A story is about to unfold…YOUR story…let Ronan tell it with video and preserve your day for all eternity.