Pick up any of the latest Wedding magazines and you will read about the latest trends in weddings. It is always nice to have a wedding that is seen as ‘on trend’ because this makes you the talk of the town and the envy of friends and foes alike. So, what are the wedding trends for 2013?

Brides will be wearing embroidered lace dresses this year. These dresses blew up back in 2011 when Kate Middleton, the now Duchess of Cambridge wore such a dress in the British Royal wedding, but they are still as popular as they were several years ago. Brides are also going for deep V necklines. It is, however, important that you note that a deep v is not for every bride. Like all dresses, you should choose a dress that flatters your shape. A wedding dress shop assistant will always help you with these matters.

Wedding Trends 2013

Many celebrities today are choosing to get married in coloured dresses. You need guts to go for a non-traditional coloured dress, but the trend really works and it ensures that nobody will ever forget the wedding. Perhaps a pastel pink or coral would be a less severe option and these shades are very flattering on Irish skin. Another option growing in popularity is vintage wedding dresses. These could be new dresses in vintage style or old dresses passed down as heirlooms. Vintage styles are usually very flattering in style and classic in shape. They will stand the test of time in your photographs and wedding video.

Feathers are in this year. You should, however, ensure that the dress is more of a ‘black swan’ feathered dress than a ‘big bird’ feathered dress. These dresses are glamorous and they feature a beautiful fly-away style. They are, however, a little too fragile for some people. Mermaid dresses have been around for several years, but they are very hot today. These dresses are really flattering on hourglass fgures. You could also go for crystal or false diamond accents. These are really magnificent and your wedding videographer will have a field day capturing the shimmers.

For the tablescapes, consider going for an English-flower-garden-themed centerpiece.  The displays should be lush and low in a careful yet sophisticated arrangement. This goes well with overlay lines, a lot of ornate charger plates and gold candelabras.

When it comes to food, fish choices are increasingly popular with the range offered by hotels growing too. Traditional main courses like beef and turkey are always popular. When it comes to cocktails, go for such specialty liqueurs as elderflower and gin cocktails and serve them in pretty crystal glassware. Seasonal food bars are also in this year, sometimes serves as canapés.

Most of the grooms are going for fitted grey suits in the place of the traditional black tuxedoes. Go for a light grey if it is an outdoor, rustic wedding and for darker charcoal if there is a more upscale setting. Pocket squires with an unexpected pattern or a pop of color and bow ties are also in.

When it comes to beauty trends, pink lips and rosey cheeks are in. Classic white cakes with such colorful floral accents as hyacinth, delicate sugar ponies and tulips are popular for cake displays. Keep up to date with all the up and coming trends in weddings by joining the social network Pinterest.