Are there any hidden costs?

No. The price agreed will not change, even if my prices have risen. You will receive your USB in a branded box. Online delivery is also an optional extra for your full video.

How do you blend in during the day, we are conscious of our guests feeling uncomfortable?

I always dress appropriately and i will be unobtrusive and courteous at all times. Check my testimonials for more. You’re enjoyment of the day is more important to me than any cool shots i might get.

Some other companies are offering 2 or 3 camera operators, do you?

No. I like to keep a small footprint as opposed to being a mini production company. Some of the larger companies produce amazing work, but don’t be blindly swayed by the amount of people or type of gear we use. The only thing that really matters is the end product.
I try to be as minimal in my approach as possible. Your enjoyment and that of your guests are vital to me.

Will you film the Bridal preparation on the wedding morning?

Yes. This is an optional extra for both the “Couture” and the “Bespoke” packages. and 95% of the time people get them included as it’s a nice time to get all the details of the morning.

Who chooses our soundtrack?

The music I use plays a pivotal role in each film. I always try and find something unique and never know hat will fit or work best until i sit down to edit the film.
I only used licensed music to avoid copyright infringements so thats why you don’t hear your favorite pop songs in any of my videos . Feel free to ask any questions beforehand. 

Is there a payment policy?

Yes. A non-refundable retainer of €300 is required to secure your date. The balance is due on or before the day of the wedding.
You may pay by cash or bank transfer.

How will you record sound during the ceremony?

Great Question! Sound is very important so i use up to 6 different wireless mics at the ceremony so that i always have the best source of sound.
I then edit these so the sound is perfect on the finished film. Most of the time you will not even know the mics are there.

Do you use backup equipment?

Yes. I always have backup equipment with me. That is just another reason you chose a professional.

What way do we receive our film from you?

First i will send you an online link to your highlight film, you can share it with friends and family and post online (similar to the ones you’ve seen on our site and Facebook page). Following that I will send you the highlight film on USB , along with any other files that are part of your package.